Motorcycles are some of the most fun ways to commute from one place to the other. In fact, for just about anybody and everybody who rides, a motorcycle is a lot more than a mode of commute. A motorcycle is things that a car just can never be. Sure, cars give you the protection of a cage and air-conditioning during the summers. But, that’s about it. So, if you’ve ever wondered of taking a leap from four wheels to two, here are 20 reasons why you should!

1. Economical

Motorcycles are much more economical to run and maintain. Lesser fuel cost, lesser insurance, lesser maintenance costs. All of it is going to thousands and thousands of dollars over the years.

2. Performance

The kind of performance a car worth X amount of money can offer isn’t even nearly close to what a motorcycle of that price can get you.

3. Freedom

Like I said earlier, a motorcycle isn’t just a mode of commute. It’s an expression of your freedom. When on a motorcycle, you’ll never feel trapped inside a cage, like you would in a car.

4. Eco-friendly

Since motorcycles burn a lot less gas per mile, they’re a lot more friendlier for the environment than a car would be. And yes, they’re better than electric cars, for electric cars get their electricity largely from coal-burning plants!

5. No Hacking

With the complex array of computers and electronics on today’s cars, hackers have found their way to enter into, and even tamper with the essentials of most modern cars. Motorcycles on the other hand are keeping it simple, and can’t be hacked.

6. Burn calories

A recent scientific study found out that riding a motorcycle is akin to a full-body workout. A typical 180-pound adult would burn through some 40 calories every hour, while riding!

7. The Community

There’s no other community and fraternity like the brethren of bikers! You need to be a part of it to understand it!

8. Easy Parking

How many times have you struggled to find a parking spot for your car where it won’t get towed? I’m sure a lot. It’s pretty damn easy, though, if you ride a motorcycle.

9. Customizations

A motorcycle can be an expression of who you are. There are a whole range of mods and customizations you can get on your ride that wouldn’t cost you a fortune (or can, if you want them to!), but have you stand out.

10. Therapy

Ask a rider what they’d do when they’re depressed or feeling low? Most of them would answer taking their motorcycle for a long ride. Because, riding on the open road, is, just like therapy!

11. Lets you be intimate

Sure, you can have a quickie in a car. But there’s no way to travel which is as intimate as riding a motorcycle with your special one is!

12. Traffic, what?

I’m not saying having a motorcycle makes you immune to traffic. But, you do get a VERY strong footing over the cagers. And that’s all the more true if you live in California, or a place that allows lane-splitting!

13. Coolness

Well, we don’t really need to say it. Because, everybody knows that a guy/girl who rides, is a lot more cooler than one who doesn’t!


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