Amazing Girl on Motorcycle Teaches a Lesson to a Bunch of Litterers They Will Never Forget! [VIDEO]

Russians. Bikers. Crazy Chics.

These are the 3 categories of people you’re better off not messing them. While most of us have learned to turn a blind eye to all the stupid things people around us do that make our cities worse, some haven’t.

This amazing biker chic from Russia is just one of those folks. Sure, I cringe if I see somehow throw their pack of fries outside their window, but that’s all I do. Cringe and frown. But, not this biker chic.

She’ll collect your trash. And dispose it. And dispose it in the best possible way. And of course, she’s not there to do your cleaning. She’s there to teach you a lesson.

To me, it is poetically ironic how she manifests her niceness in the most badass way. She wouldn’t pick up a placard and go ranting outside the townhall telling you to pickup your trash.

She’ll tell you in a manner, you’ll never forget. And her methods are the most ingenious of a social worker I’ve ever seen.

You’ve GOT to check out the video. And, don’t forget to let us know your comments on this in the section below.



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