Biker Catches 3 Thugs Hitting His Wife – Just Watch What He Does Next!

Amidst all this chatter of liberals, feminists, trans, and what not, the good ol’ concepts of chivalry and manhood have really taken a toll.

No more do you find men who can easily stand up for their women, easily.

Sadly, we’ve come to live in a time, when a lot of men out there will just pussy out from a fight. Even if it’s for their woman. But, not this biker. He’s a man. And he’s not afraid to man up.

The incident happened at the Times Square in New York City. We don’t have much background about it. However, what we do know is that these 3 thugs took a swing at the biker’s fiance. One-on-three isn’t a smart fight to be in.

But, life’s not about being smart always. Sometimes you’ve got to do things for your woman’s honor, which you’d otherwise not. And that’s what this biker did. He took on the thugs all at once.

What’s equally amazing is, how he kept sane despite this. He did fight the idiots, but he had enough of a mind to not bust their skulls open, when they were down. You’ve GOT to watch this!

hat would you do in his place? Let us know in the comments section below.



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