Cops Tell Biker, “We Take Your Picture or You Got to Jail.” [VIDEO]

We may appreciate all the good work the good cops of this country do for the country.

However, here at Ride Brotherhood, we take a strong exception to motorcyclists being profiled by cops unnecessarily.

Just because we ride the two wheels, wear a leather jacket, get tattoos, doesn’t mean we’re criminals. All of this is perfectly legal to do. Much like the rest of most of ours’ conduct. Car drivers don’t get stopped around just like that. Then, why are bikers stopped like this?

This Texan Biker, Cody, has no criminal history. He was on his way to school, when these cops in Austin stopped him. The pretext the unis used was that he didn’t signal properly before turning. Yes. “Didn’t signal properly” was their ridiculous excuse.

They then restrained him and clicked pictures of his jacket and his tattoos. It is even ridiculous to watch this entire thing. Cody had this whole thing filmed and shared it online. We’re glad he did. This way, he adds to the flock of bikers raising their voice against this discrimination.

I think these cops should be suspended for unreasonable seizure. What’s your view on this? Let us know in the comments section below.



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