Do Loud Pipes Save Lives? Veteran Biker Sums It Up Pefectly

Do loud pipes save lives?

It’s a never-ending argument with those who don’t have a clue.

Some argue that loud pipes are “obnoxious” and a “nuisance” for neighborhoods.

Riders argue that loud pipes play a major role in motorcycle safety.

Their viewpoint is simple, thundering pipes are hard to not hear, they alert motorists that a motorcycle is present, which ultimately slims the possibility of an accident.

Veteran biker Tony Sanfelipo of Milwaukee is walking, living proof that loud exhaust pipes on motorcycles help riders be heard and seen by cars on the road.

Watch the video interview below where he discusses how he was able to prevent an accident by jolting a distracted driver with the roar of his pipes.

Revving his engine not only saved his life, but many other motorists on the highway.

Have your loud pipes ever saved you from a close call? Feel free to share your story in the comments below.



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