This Driver Threw a Piece of Trash on Biker For No Reason At All; But Then Biker Made Sure He Got His Revenge!

Throwing anything let alone hard objects at passing vehicles whether they are cars or bikes, is never the best move to make. Someone in his life definitely forgot to give advice in this situation to both the driver and the biker.

The side you take on this topic completely depends on the way you are looking at this video, you can be looking at this video and the two possible things come to your mind will be described as a dick move or an epic revenge.

We want to be clear that we do not condone anything happening in this video and we are going to try to stay impartial here. However, it might look easier to just give advice when you are just viewing the events from the screen.

As the video begins, it all kicks off with the van driver starts a flipping off game and after the biker being responsive and flipping right back, the van driver can be seen up the ante by deciding to throw trash towards the biker.

The bottle in the trash hits the biker and he is not happy at all. Now, what the biker does is he maintains his distance from the van and picks a rock in his first opportunity. You can watch what happens in the video below.



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