A three-year-old girl using the correct technique to lift her electric toy “Police” Harley has gone viral on YouTube.

Dropping a heavy motorcycle is embarrassing enough, but not knowing how to lift it is even more embarrassing.It’s more embarrassing still to learn the correct technique from three-year-old Bailey Hensley of Alabama!

Check out the correct method in this humorous Dutch Police instructional video.

The method involves riders using their legs instead of their back to lift the bike.

As you can see, the rider backs into the seat of the bike, grabs the bottom handlebar which comes around to full lock next to the fuel tank and grabs the back of the bike, then lifts with their legs.

Harley teaches the method to new riders and proudly displays the method at their all-female Garage Parties, proving that a woman can lift a heavy motorcycle.

Some of their Touring bikes weigh more than 350kg.

However, young Bailey’s toy electric Harley would weigh a lot less!

The video was posted to the local HOG chapter’s Facebook page on August 13 by her grandmother, Alisa Hensley, 49, who recently bought a Harley.

She says Bailey and her twin brother Aiden loved her bike so much she bought them their own toy “Police” Harleys last Christmas.

After time and time again of going out to the yard and helping her pick it up I finally sat down Saturday and said, ‘Let me show you baby how to really pick up your bike,” Alisa says.

The video is of Bailey’s very first attempt at lifting the bike.

In some countries, the technique is actually required in obtaining your motorcycle licence.


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