Group Of Tough Bikers Take Over A Little Girl’s Lemonade Stand

Lemonade stalls in the front yard is a childhood memories nearly all of us have.

There was just something very fun and entrepreneurial about being a little kid and selling something!

For most of us, the sales were barely a couple of dollars! Seriously, how could we have had expected anything selling lemonade in a residential neighborhood?!

However, like they say, the success of any product depends largely on who the customer is. If you’ve got good customers, you’re successful. If not, well, good luck! And what better customers can you get for lemonade than a bunch of big thirsty bikers?!

Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA) is an organization we’ve had the pleasure to report about several times. And this piece is another one of their amazing stories. BACA is a group of bikers who help victims of child abuse. They help save kids from abuse, and then work with them to ensure normalcy in their life after abuse.

While BACA primarily deals with a rather serious issue, that doesn’t mean they can’t extend their niceness to the lighter things in life. Karla and DeKarlo Long have 2 wonderful young daughters. So, when the sisters decided to put a lemonade stall in their yard, the guys at BACA decided to pay a visit!

And these BACA guys made sure that these girls had a blast in their first business! DeKarlo was overwhelmed by these bikers’ gestures, and almost immediately filming the entire thing. He later uploaded the video on Facebook, where it has been watch over 5.6 million times now!

Do give it a watch. It’s sure to make your day!



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