House of Harley Davidson Preparing Care Packages to Send to Soldiers Overseas

Our soldiers do so much for the country that no amount of gratitude is enough for them.

In the winters, while all of us sleep in the comfort of our warm homes, these guys go out there in foreign lands, and fight the hardest of weather, terrain, and enemies. Just so, that we can continue what we do.

And it just overwhelms my heart with joy and pride, when I see patriots of the country giving back to our soldiers. Alaska may be a far-off land from most of the states in mainland U.S., but that doesn’t mean people there are any less American! It’s the spirit of being American that trumps all.

And the folks in the town of Anchorage in Alaska prove that. To commemorate Veteran’s Day, many businesses in the town are offering great discount to the veterans.

Meanwhile, the Harley-Davidson dealership in the neighborhood of Spenard is a step ahead. They’re offering active duty personnel to store their motorcycles with them during the winters at half the rate. What’s better? They’re doing this for free for the personnel who are currently deployed.

They’re even sending out care packages to our soldiers who’re currently deployed overseas. What do you think about the folks at this amazing Harley-Davidson dealership? Let us know in the comments section below.



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