On the first view, it looks like mission impossible.

That heavy Harley Davidson against this young lady.

For guys with strength, sure. For people who cannot lift bikes heavier than themselves, or who have been injured in the fall but whose first priority is to lift their fallen bike, this makes the best sense.

Besides, this advice comes from Harley and the brothers Davidson.

There are a comments about this video from bikers around the world: “Anybody who says they have never dropped a bike has never ridden one or they’re lying.

As always from the comments I’ve seen there’s always some weekend warrior who thinks that he knows more than anyone, and all they do is prove themselves a f*cking idiot.

You are 110 percent correct.

Actually the time or two I have had the bike tip it was to the kickstand side.

And BTW, notice they are using the tiniest Harley they can find. Try that with a Road King fully loaded for Sturgis.

It can be done but it ain’t no easy task of just walking it up. If you are riding to Sturgis, you are expected to have the


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