Meet Wild Willy Parsons – The Epic Biker Comedian

The biking community is like a large family. It’s the fraternity and brethren of bikers that makes motorcycling what it is for all of us.

And every time we see a biker do something great, it pleases our heart! Today’s feature is about one of our biker brothers who has made it big outside the world of motorcycling!

Bikers, sadly, have a lot of prejudices and stereotypes attached to them. Many of these are really negative and stem from the activities of the “1 percenters” or the tiny minority of outlaw bikers. Willy Parsons is one of those people who’ve done a great deal to write over these biker stereotypes with better things that identify the majority of us.

Also known as “Wild Willy”, Parsons has been a successful comedian since about 32 years now. Many of you may have seen him on network, television, and movies. What you may not have known is that he’s one of us. Willy tours around the country and performs at corporate functions, clubs, and of course, biker events!

One of his first major claims to fame was his frequent appearances at the comic sport in EasyRiders videos, starting in 1990. He has also made appearances in Evening at the Improv and Comics Only, Showtime, MTV, and the Dennis Miller Show. He has also appeared in various movies like Silk Stalkings, Vietnam Texas, Matlock, Nothing To Lose, The Guardian, and Trancers II. Icing on the cake is his Emmy Award for writing!

If you haven’t checked out his acts, do check them out soon. Here’s a video of one his live shows at Caroline’s in New York City. Did you know about Wild Willy before? Have you seen him on TV or any of his movies? How do you like his comedy? Let us know in the comments section below.



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