Motorcycle Procession Bill Passes in Pa. House

If there’s one complaint most bikers have, that is, not enough representation for us in the Congress and State Legislatures.

As a result, the law makers don’t really pass legislation that cater to the specific needs of bikers.

However, Mark Keller, State Representative in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives is one of us.

He is a biker, and takes parts in group rides. And that’s where he realized that there needed to be a law to make things better for group riders.

Therefore, he sponsored the House Bill 831 that gives motorcycle processions some of the same rights as funeral processions. The bill has been passed by the Pennsylvania House of Representatives and is pending before the Pennsylvania Senate for their assent.

The bill proposes the following rights to motorcycle processions:

1.Ability to pass red lights as a group
2.Authorization to control and direct traffic through intersections, as the procession passes
3.Exemption allowing them to “follow too closely”
4.Authorization to use lighted headlamps, flashing yellow lights, and even emergency flashers on the lead and trailing vehicles
5.Exemption from being targeted at motorcycle-only checkpoints



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