Outlaws MC Members Shoot This Biker For Not Removing His Cuts!

In a shocking incident, a biker was shot dead by Outlaws MC members at a gas station in Orlando, Florida.

David Donovan, of the Kingsmen Motorcycle Club, was in town for a Bikefest. He and his buddies had gone to the Circle K gas station to get some cigarettes.

They noticed some Outlaws MC members going in, but didn’t feel threatened as their club wasn’t affiliated with any of the rivals of the Outlaws.

The whole thing went down at the Circle Gas Station at 3300 W. Main. St. This was about 3 miles away from downtown Leesburg, where the Bikefest was taking place.

To further their stronghold in Florida, the Outlaws MC had decreed that all motorcycle clubs should either join them or disband. The Police say that the spot of the incident seemed “pre-selected”.

Soon, the Outlaws spread out, as if they were securing the perimeter. Then, some of them went inside and put a knife to Donovan’s throat. They then told the other members from the Kingsmen to strip off their cuts! Donovan was forced to move to a corner, under a security camera. He was then made to kneel. And when he refused to strip off his cuts, citing his loyalty to the club, he was shot several times! This happened after one of the Outlaws MC members, Mark Knotts, said, “Shoot that motherf_cker”

Immediately after, the other Kingsmen MC members ran inside the convenience store and took shelter behind a shelf. As they told the store clerk to call 911, one of them opened the door and shot in the direction of the Outlaws.

Consequently, Knotts took a bullet to his shoulder and his thigh. When the Police reviewed the surveillance footage, they saw that the Outlaws weren’t particularly in a hurry to leave the crime scene, after they shot Donovan. The Police report on the incident added:

“Some members remained in place in what is perceived as a measure of security of high-ranking members making their escape.”

When the emergency services came, Knotts was found by the side of his Harley, about 110 feet from Donovan. He had a .22-caliber pistol with him. He was then flown to the hospital, where he recovered from his wounds.

When a police detective went to the Outlaws’ clubhouse in Ocala, he met Knotts at the perimeter. The clubhouse has high walls and dozens of security cameras. Knotts then asked the detective for 10 minutes, so that he could make a phone call and put boots on. And he then surrendered to him.

Other than Knotts, 48, Jesus Alberto Marrero, 35, has also been arrested by the authorities. The two other suspects, Miquel Angel Torres, 37, and Gregory Umphress, 32, remain at large. They’ve been charged with kidnapping, and conspiracy to commit murder. Meanwhile, the actual shooter remains unidentified.

I’m really shocked at how it all went down. I understand that the Outlaws MC are a criminal organization. But, this was just way beyond the line. Donovan had done absolutely nothing against these guys or their club. What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments section below.



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