Police smash Hells Angels bar fridge and liquor in very strange video

Three members of the Darkside chapter of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club in Melbourne, Australia, have been charged with selling liquor without a liquor license — and the club’s liquor and fridge seized and destroyed by police.

Taskforce Razon, which investigates licensed premises and licensing laws in Australia’s state of Victoria, targeted the Hells Angels for selling liquor inside their clubhouse without a liquor license.

Officers executed a warrant under Australia’s Liquor Control Reform Act, police announced on Oct. 11, 2017.

“If you own a fridge and you’re selling liquor, we’re going to seize it, we’re going to take it off you and we’re going to get it destroyed,” said Detective David Sheppard.

“It’s a bit of a filthy fridge… there was a quantity of alcohol that we also seized as a result of the warrant, which we are also going to destroy today.”

Police poured several large bottles of hard liquor down the drain, including bottles of Johnnie Walker Red Label Scotch Whisky, Jameson Irish Whiskey, Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey, Smirnoff vodka and Absolut vodka.

The detective admitted it would probably just tick the bikers off. Police hailed the operation, saying “An Angel has fallen.”



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