WATCH: SpiderMan-Like Reflex Saves Biker From Incoming Truck

We’ve seen our fair share of motorcycle accident videos. However, never have I come across anything like this before. I’m not saying that I haven’t seen freak accidents, or freak saves.

But this one, just right out of a Final Destination movie. These bikers are riding together in a bunch down some country road.

We have the whole footage from one of theirs’ helmetcams.

All of a sudden, dog comes running in front of our guy’s bike. Our guy bareless misses hitting the dog. But, not another biker riding behind him. The dog just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

This biker hits right into the dog, and stumbles down on the road. To avert from hitting this guy, somehow the guy behind him fell as well.

If this wasn’t freaky enough, we see the biker who hit the dog now sliding down the tarmac into oncoming traffic. And although it was a country road without much traffic, this guy’s heading straight under an oncoming truck.

He somehow notices the truck as he’s falling and tumbling on the tarmac, and jumps to the other side. It was these spiderman reflexes the guy activated, while falling, that he was able to miss the truck. Otherwise, he most likely would’ve had gotten crushed under its wheels.

This is just one of those things you can’t blame anyone for. The biker was traveling okay, the dog had to cross the road, the trucker tried to stop. Everybody did their part, yet it happened.

However, what saved the biker were his reflexes! Kudos to them!



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