What Makes San Francisco’s Hell’s Angel Choppers So Unique! [VIDEO]

The Hells Angels for all the bad things they are, are quite intriguing to many of us.

Not a lot of us want to live the life that a Hells Angels does, but that’s not to say that many of us don’t find it fascinating nonetheless.

As a biker, one of the things that intrigues me especially about the Hells Angels is the bikes of the members. All of them ride Harleys, and most of theirs’ bikes are different from the rest of ours.

They have to be. How else are these guys supposed to tell their bikes apart from fellow club members! But, for the Hells Angels of San Francisco, modifying and accessorizing their bikes are more than just about individuality, finding bikes, and reflecting their personalities.

These guys get their bikes tuned to deal with the specific challenges that riding in San Francisco, every day, in every weather, all throughout the city possess. This video is an amazing insight into these bikes, given straight by the guys who do it for the Angels! Don’t forget to drop your comments in the section below.



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