Your Victory Motorcycle Could Endanger Your Life, Recall Under Way

Polaris may have discontinued the Victory brand of motorcycles, but the trouble’s not over for them yet. This issue that has cropped up may affect as many as 26,182 Victory motorcycles.

A full recall has been issued for the Victory Hardball, the Victory Magnum, the Victory Cross Roads, the Victory Cross Country Tour, and the Victory Cross Country motorcycles of model years 2010 through 2017.

The problem apparently first came to light when a warranty claim was recieved in October 2016. The claim was for a damaged rear brake line. Polaris subsequently opened an investigation into the matter, which concluded in April 2017.

The company then reviewed the findings with the National Highway Traffic Safety Authority (NHTSA). Subsequently, a technical service bulletin was issued in June this year. The bulletin sought for the re-routing of the rear brake line.

Later in September, the NHTSA sought Polaris for additional technical review into the matter. And it was only after the repairs were reviewed, that Polaris and NHTSA concluded to elevate the matter to a full recall.

Apparently, the rear brake lines on these Victory models, along with the nearby electrical wiring, may be damaged due to the elevated heat levels of the catalytic converter. This can cause a decline in the rear brake performance, which as we all know can be fatal!

Affected motorcycles will have these brake lines re-routed free of cost, to move them away from the catalytic converter. Owners who’ve had this done already will be reimbursed for any costs they incurred for the same.



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