At Engines Society, we know and keep saying, that motorcycling isn’t just a way of commute. It’s a community. It’s a way of life. And it’s not just these amazing machines that make all riders a community. There’re quite a few other things out there who make riders the community they are today! And these things release a big round of applause from all of us. Read on, as we list 10 of such things…

1. Bikers Who Wave Everybody


Motorcyclists wave at each other. Most of us do it. But, there’s a lot of debate on who we should wave to. Most will only wave to somebody on the same kind of motorcycle as they are. Some are even picky enough to only wave at those with the same make and model.

But then, there are guys who wave at every motorcyclist they come across. For them, the sheer joy of riding trumps all the differences between the bikes we own and the type of bikers we are.

2. States Which Promote Motorcycle Safety

Minnesota welcomes you sign at the state border
While they’re states who’re just oblivious to the presence of motorcyclists on the road, there are also states like Georgia and Minnesota. These states celebrate entire “Motorcycle Awareness Months” with proper allocated budgets to promote motorcycle safety.

3. Motorcycle Advocacy Groups


It is because of these groups that motorcyclists have a voice that can reach the lawmakers and the government. Whether it’s a small group, or the American Motorcycle Association (AMA), these groups strive for the rights and welfare of motorcyclists. And, we really appreciate them for that.

4. Cities Which Are Friendly To Bikers


Thanks to all the prejudices against motorcyclists, they’re not the most welcome people in many towns and cities. Municipalities have often gotten into a conflict with organizers of biking events. In the face of cities like this, when there are cities like Los Angeles that do their part of enacting biker-friendly rules and laws, we really have to give them a round of applause.

5. Groups Like Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA)


Groups like BACA are not just a bunch of great people doing great things for the society. For us bikers, they’re much more. Bikers have long been prejudiced as outlaws, and when groups like these are doing mroe good than just about any other normal person out there, people can’t help but change their ill-founded beliefs about bikers.

6. TV Shows That Celebrate The Passion Of Riding


Everybody likes seeing their people up on television. And when I see a TV show about a bunch of bikers, I can’t help but relate. But I can relate only when the show are true in their character, like Discovery’s Biker Build Off. So, I’m not including the shows which are trumped in drama and conflict, just for the sake of ratings.

7. Sincere Mechanics

It’s because of these guys we’re out on the road as long as we are. The guys out there who know what they’re doing and genuinely want to fix our bikes, and not just mint money, are the ones we salute!

8. Loved Ones Who Ride

Bikers taking selfies with camera – Four smiling friends driving racing motorcycles with their girlfriends – Two happy couples stop in a panoramic viewpoint and photographing themselves
As we said before, riding is an act of community. The joy of riding increases multiple-fold if you’ve got people you love, you can share it with. It’s a peculiar bonding experience and lets the loved ones see things as you do. So, here’s a hug to them pretty folks!

9. Biker Buddies


These are the guys who make the motorcycling community as fun as it is. Sure, some of the riders would bail out on you if they want to. But, it’s the guys you can count on with your life, we raise our hands to applaud for!

10. The Two Wheels, The Engine, and The Open Road


Last but not the least, the thing that makes us want to be a biker the most. The fundamental pillar of motorcycling. The source of the sheer joy and pleasure of riding. Whatever bike you ride, these things stay, and it’s these things that really deserve a round of applause!


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