So gorgeous and so damn hot she will make you breathe heavily, Amalie Olufsen is our hottie of the day.

She really shines her incredible good looks and will put a spell on you with her mesmerizing eyes. An angel who we had a hard time figuring out whether or not she is a human.

Finally, we managed to scientifically prove that Amalie is as human as you and me. She just looks so ridiculously perfect, you truly want to touch her and feel her soft and delicate skin to believe she is made of flesh and bones.

However, being able to touch her would probably never happen for mortal people like we are. Still, if you need a piece of her, you should definitely head over to Amalie’s official website and purchase her prints. Raunchy prints!

With her bubbly personality, Amalie is always down for a conversation or an adventure. By releasing so many positive and satisfying vibes, you have a hard time not being attracted to her.

But why would you even want to drive yourself away from her? Enjoy the Amalie sexiness for as much as you want.

Being lucky that Mother Nature rewarded her with so much beauty, the modeling part kinda happened to her naturally.

One of her friends once asked her if she would be interested in shooting with him and Amalie took the opportunity. It all escalated from there.

She found a huge passion in posing in front of the lens, as well as the whole process of picking outfits and interacting with photographers.

What are the main two things Amalie gets intrigued by when it comes to guys? He should be tall and he should be shredded AF.

If you are not, just do not approach Amalie. Moreover, if you know your fashion game and wear suits and stuff, you might still have a chance. Hint: green is Amalie’s favorite color.

Now you know what Amalie is all about. In true Hottie of the day tradition, below you can find a ton of sexy pictures featuring today’s hottie, Amalie. Enjoy yourself.


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