Pretty unknown she might be, however, watch out for this stunning model who goes by the name, Amanda Taylor.

And if we might be the first people who introduce you to this super sexy creature, let me just say, you are welcome.

To be 100% frank with you, I have no real idea who this hottie is. The only thing I know about her, and probably the most important one, is that she is living her life unapologetically happy.

That is a statement I haven’t heard about before, and I absolutely love it. She truly is living the life. That is something I find exceptionally attractive in a girl.

What I managed to get from her not-so-big-Instagram-profile-yet is that she is on the go quite a lot. Constantly being busy with doing all kinds of photo shooting for various brands.

All the way from wearing ripped jeans and sweaters, to doing quite seductive shots wearing erotic lingerie only.

By the way, if you are a hipster, you will feed your cravings, too.

She is such an all-around girl that it really will confuse you when flipping through her published pictures on her Instagram.

Well, guys and girls, I could go on and on with talking about just some random stuff that does not really make sense.

Sure, it does make sense since we are speaking about a smoking hot beauty. Still, I rather leave you here and let you enjoy all these sexy pictures I managed to collect for you.


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