I do not count anymore how many Hotties of the day features did we already have but I am happy to introduce you to Amanda Ventrone.

This babe is glamorous, she is exciting, elegant, and naughty. Amanda is a pack of goodies that you will thank us later that we brought to your life.

In her day-to-day life, Amanda does all sorts of things. Do you know which is my favorite? If you said modeling and wearing a hot and enticing bikini, you guessed it right.

As far as her Instagram profile goes, Amanda sure does enjoy showing as much of her silky smooth skin as possible.

If not every, then every other photo she publishes has to do something with her mischievous side. And Amanda sure does like to show off her amazing ass quite a bit.

No one is complaining about that! The butt Amanda sports is somewhat high but still of fabulous proportions. To be frank, all until today, I was not really a fan of such asses. Especially when such a chick then wears high-waist jeans. Not my thing.

However, with Amanda, things changed for me. I do not know what I was thinking about before. That ass is spectacular! I mean, I could stare at it for hours to come and never get bored. It actually took me quite a while to finally unglue myself from the screen and finally start to brainstorm about what to write for the feature.

After a few more words about Amanda herself, I will let you experience her, too. What’s more, she is having an issue with gaining more weight and she is still figuring out how to get things in order.

Right now, the time has come to rest your eyes and enjoy yourself in some of the hottest and sexiest Amanda pictures.


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