She is so perfect she almost looks like a human-like doll, it is no other than Amber Lynn Bogart who we have here to help you kick off this morning right.

Are you ready for this today’s hottie of the day?

By now, it should almost be a tradition for all of you, to come over to the RideBrotherhood blog and enjoy yourself the hottest girls this world has to offer.

Based in Tampa, Florida, Amber is more than just a smoking hot and super gorgeous model.

Sure, her whole life is based on posing in front of the lens in sexy lingerie and all the way to dresses and other tempting outfits.

However, Amber is also a businesswoman, running a clothing brand. A girl of many talents. Bear in mind, she does not post much about it, but I am sure she must be working out a hell lot.

Once you hit up Amber’s Instagram, you will have a hard time figuring out whether or not she is real. Seriously, each photo Amber publishes looks almost too perfect.

And even if it is a bathroom selfie. This sexy model makes sure everything she puts out is as professional as possible.

With well over 130k Instagram followers at the time of writing this, Amber keeps on entertaining with photos of her lavish lifestyle.

Expensive cars, incredible hotel rooms, traveling the world, designer dresses, and other luxury whatnots is what you will see Amber treats you with.

At the end of the day, it is her gorgeousness and amazing body physique why you will become her fan.

Feed yourself some opulence.


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