Sometimes, I really struggle with where to start when it comes to this awesome feature we entertain you with every day and model, Amber Fields, is the issue. Damn you, girl!

Ever since I stumbled across her Instagram profile for the first time, I became an instant fan. I am quite sure the same will happen to you when you will check out all these sexy pictures we handpicked for you.

However, since Amber has well over 700k followers (at the time of writing this), there is a very good chance that you are already following her and salivate each time she publishes a new super seductive pic. Hey, we are simple people.

Born on September 30, 1988, Amber is an Instagram sensation, a model and a reality TV star.

Today’s hottie of the day, Amber, will take you on an epic journey through her life by publishing randomly to her Instagram profile.

Like I say very often, do yourself a favor and follow this girl – you will most definitely not regret it.


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