If you haven’t heard of Antje Utgaard before, then there is no better way to start the new day with her.

Her popularity skyrocketed and she now has over 1.8 million followers on Instagram alone. But you know that number will get even bigger with time.

Antje was born on August 20, 1994, in New Richmond, Wisconsin, USA.

Now, with a boy and pregnant with the second child, Antje is one busy lady. She is most certainly not keeping it easy.

At least not for now. Antje already learned how to use her time wisely so the second time it will certainly be simpler for her. Although busy doing whatever a supermodel does, Antje still manages to find time for herself.

After all, she needs to keep that toned body in shape and her beauty to shine with the best light.

In her prosperous modeling career, Antje appeared in most magazines around the world, Elle, GQ, and Harper’s Baazar.

We are happy to announce Antje our Hottie of the day. Let’s together enjoy some of her hot and sexy pictures now.


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