You will definitely enjoy the amazing Blakely Smith.

For your information, she dived all-in into the modeling industry as soon as she graduated from college. However, lovely Blakely did not always look as like this as she does now.

From being a model to becoming an avid fitness enthusiast, that’s the shortest Blakely story. And today, you can enjoy her insanely perfect body all over her Instagram profile.

Speaking of Instagram, at the time of writing this, Blakely already has well over 80k followers. Yep, she is no joke.

But there is a lot more to Blakely than just the fitness and online coaching part. This hottie of the day is also an architectural and interior designer. I told you Blakely is no joke. She even does custom clothing and whatnot!

What I find super cool about all these ladies is that they sure are not shy. Meaning, they like to put on display their bodies from the front and from the back. Of course, in a bikini!

For now, I will adore all these women, like Blakely, who are all about taking care of their bodies.

Join me while we skim through some of the sexiest Blakelyphotos and short clips that will amaze you and maybe inspire you to go to the gym.


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