A woman with a body like it would be made out of rubber, Colleen Marie is our Hottie of the day. I believe this is the very first yogi we are announcing our hottie of the day. Who does not like extremely stretchy girls, right?

The blonde babe who will rock your world with her insane body capabilities, Colleen, is in the game for a long time.

Colleen calls herself a world traveler, international yoga teacher, vlogger, blogger, and, needless to say, a businesswoman. This lady is no joke and with all of her sexiness, she is a perfect fit to be crowned RideBroderhood’s Hottie of the day.

Me being a pervert as I am, girls like Colleen is always excited me. I mean, aren’t you experiencing at least something going on inside your body when a scorching hot girl stretches her body to the extreme? If not, man, you probably came to the wrong place.

The Colleen practitioner, the Colleen, keeps the positive vibes on her Instagram and entertains her whopping 164k following base.


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