College for many is a time to really get away from home and explore what it means to be on their own, to have some real personal freedom.

It’s also a time for guys to explore a whole new universe of relationships with hotties from all over the nation.

The college babes are proof of just how beautiful that universe can be.

These young off-the-charts smoke shows represent “a wide diversity of students with big personalities” who “hold the duties of showing off their college life through the use of the Internet!”

Sounds like fun! Just how much fun it can be for fans of these babes is clear from the fact that all internet is overflown with these girls.

We’ve sampled some of the finest girls from a variety of schools below.

Are these women really still students or just babes in random college gear? Who cares?

If you were ABD—all but diploma—with your degree, this should be more than enough motivation to get you to enroll again.


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