What do coat hangers, ridges on coins, Solo cups, and old TV antennas have in common? They might seem like everyday household items, but they actually hide secrets and tricks that you have never even noticed before. The items will help solve a bunch of pesky issues in the house when you repurpose them! Your trips to Home Depot and Target will be drastically reduced when you start following the life hacks that we have for you. Read on to see simple hacks that will make your life that much easier.

Wine Bottle Dip
Do you like drinking a glass of wine? If so, perhaps you have already noticed the dip at the end of the bottle. It is more than just an interesting design quirk. First of all, this part is called the kick-up or punt. At any rate, it lends the bottle more stability to prevent it from falling over or breaking after a strong gust of wind passes by. It also makes the bottle stronger in order to hold in champagne and sparkling wine. Lastly, it makes it easier to distribute steam when they are cleaning it before pouring the wine in.

Shirt Loops
This does not only apply to t-shirts, you know. You will also find this on a nice collared shirt! Apparently, this practice began with the Navy. There is not much closet space out at sea, which is why sailors hang their shirts on hooks through these loops. College kids in the ‘60s also used them to keep the shirts neat and wrinkle-free at the gym. These days, manufacturers leave them on as a sign of quality and class.


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