Stumbling across Erin Eevee was almost a dream come true for me. Seriously, this hot and sexy model is so tempting I am hard to hold myself back, stay chill, and publish this week’s Hottie of the day edition. But I will do it anyway.

I always find it quite a challenge when writing about a girl I am unfamiliar with. Heck, a girl who even the world wide web does not talk about much. Aside from her Instagram profile, there is not much you can find about Erin. But I will do my best to get you on a more personal level with the lovely Erin.

Erin’s smile is one of the prettiest you have seen in a while. It is wide with full lips and diamond-bright teeth. In other words, perfect.

If I would know more about Erin, you know I would tell you but sadly, that will not happen. To be frank, these mysterious models who are popping out on a regular are killing me.

Oh well, at least Erin posts a ton of sexy pictures that make my mouth water. Do I even need to tell you to rush following her on Insta?

I believe I do not have to since you already are following her. If not, then these hot photos of Erin will do the persuading trick.


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