Discover everything related to the legendary TV show American Chopper. Interesting facts & figures!

Starting at 2003, American Chopper dominated the TV all around the globe for 10 years. The show was simple enough, it presented the inside look at the workings of the Orange County Chopper with a mix of competition and drama, which was later on used as a model for most of the realty shows. But what made this show so exceptional and fun to look at was that, unlike most of the reality shows these days, the fights, feuds, welding, fighting was real.

That is why we take a look at the following video which gives us the truth behind some things you probably did not know about the show.

Paul Teutul Senior had been a drug and alcohol addict for 15 years straight. He talks about it in his book called “The Ride of a Lifetime”.

It was his wife who made him to go to rehab and eventually quit taking drugs and drink alcohol. His two sons, Michael and Paul Junior, also had issues with drinking and alcohol. Paul Junior went on rehab at the age of just 16!

Furthermore, fights between the Paul`s were a regular occurrence on the show. It was in 2009 when the most heated fight took place. Chairs and doors were flying all over and this was not scripted at all. Eventually, Paul Senior fired Paul Junior and this is where things got messy. They ended us suing each other, and Senior won the feud and got 1 million dollars. Eventually they managed to settle down and get back together.

Check the video for more American Chopper facts!


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