To be honest, we’re not sure if this particular Harley-Davidson commercial ever aired on television. Maybe you guys can tell us. We love it when you guys lend us a helping hand with stuff like this. Anyway, we have a special place in our hearts for the advertising team over at Harley-Davidson.

The commercials they manage to think up are always entertaining. They seriously have some of the best advertising in the business, and with the commercial we are sharing with you today, you’ll see why we love their advertisements so much!

So, on our Facebook page, we have a habit of (possibly) oversharing a certain meme that says “If you don’t own a Harley – don’t blame your wife for having a boyfriend that does!”, and boy does the Harley-Davidson commercial below totally tap into that saying! Really, it should be their motto at the end of the advertisement. You’ll never see the twist that comes in this too risque for TV Harley commercial! It is just too funny!

Check it out below, and tell us in the comments section if this is one of your more favorite Harley-Davidson commercials! Do you have any others that you love as much as this one?

See how many of them you can name below – we can think of about 5 Harley-Davidson commercials that are on our list of top ten favorites. Hell, tell us as many as you can, and we may feature you in a future blog post. We may quite possibly use your lists to develop our own list of top ten Harley-Davidson commercials. What do you think?

Funny as hell!!! – Biker For Life

Posted by Biker For Life on Saturday, March 26, 2016


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