Hot blonde Brazilian model, Julia Lopes, is our Hottie of the day, period. No need to make any long stories when it could not be more straightforward than this.

You will love everything about Julia, her body, and all the way to her personality.

However, not that I really know her personally, it just seems that Julia is a really cool gal that loves doing all sorts of awesome stuff in her life.

Born on March 7, 1995, Julia is in her early twenties but feels like she is in her thirties. Not that she looks old, far from it! It is just the fact that Julia already did a whole lot in her life and she hasn’t even properly started yet.

As far as her Instagram goes, not only is it quite massive, like half a million followers massive, it is also packed with a ton of sexy and raunchy pictures of Julia.

You better go and enjoy Julia on a daily basis and feel blessed and impressed by what she does best.


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