If I were you, I would drop everything and dedicate a few minutes of your life to none other than, Lucy Pinder.

She is cute, she is professional, she is amazing. Whatever your heart desires, that is plausibly Lucy already. You are probably hooked and glued to the screen only by checking out the pictures above.

Indeed, Lucy does not mind showing a little more of her skin than these Instagram sensations normally do. She does not even mind wearing a sheer top for us to enjoy her deep cleavage.

While Lucy did some modeling in her late teens, she experienced the breakthrough just before her 21st birthday. At the age of 20, Lucy decided to submit some pictures of her to the Playboy platform in hopes to work for the magazine.

It took them about two months before they finally realized that they must not let Lucy go. She got approved and the rest was history.

At one point, Lucy also decided to start her own spray tan business which she now runs very successfully.

On her Instagram, you will see Lucy post a wide variety of pics, from working out and lingerie shots to party and beach vibes.

There is a lot of sexiness going on in Lucy’s pictures and that’s why we decided to call her our Hottie of the day.


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