Being around for a little while now, Marissa Victoria is our Hottie of the day and we cannot stop drooling over her.

Her smoking hot body physique and her exotic looks are just too much to stay normal.

And when you see her wearing the sexiest lingerie you can think of, you are about to pass out. This is just a warning so you don’t blame us later. Be prepared for the hot vibes to strike heavy.

Hailing from San Diego, Marissa is, at the time of writing this, a blonde gorgeous model who never disappoints. A lifestyle and travel enthusiast and blogger who also has a huge passion for modeling.

You can run into Marissa taking a street massage in Bali, or sunbathing at one of her favorite beaches, La Jolla Shores in SD.

In case you happen to get to meet the beautiful girl, just try and be a gentleman.

Enough of me, giving you relationship tips or whatever, we are here for the sexy girl, Marissa.

Enjoy the always sunny Marissa releasing sensual vibes at all times. Check out her official website and follow her on Instagram for a better tomorrow.


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