There is this secret multi-talented girl hiding somewhere in Los Angeles who you should definitely know about. Her name is Martina Finocchio and she is beauty who not only is a model but a designer, too.

She has her own line of jewelry and makeup and is the creator of this special Lip Lace accessories for, you guessed it, lips.

However, we are not here to promote her products. Instead, we are here to promote Martina’s all-natural beauty. She is a hottie and she is well aware of that. Not to mention, she does not mind showing some extra skin. And that is especially important for you and me.

But before we enjoy her pictures, let’s first find out a little more about this sexy babe.

In her early years, Martina danced a lot and did competitive cheerleading. She started modeling at the age of nine and moved to New York to pursue a modeling career professionally at the age of 19.

She kept on being an open-minded lass, thinking outside the box and taking a wide variety of job offers.

That’s that, let’s together enjoy some of the sexiest pictures from her pretty popular Instagram account.


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