What can I say, Italian model, Christina Bertevello, sure is one hot chick with a baby face and a very naughty soul, yet sweet.

Those curves, the mesmerizing dark eyes, everything on Christina is to die for.

Ever since I remember doing the “adult” stuff on the web back in my early teens, I had a thing for Italian girls.

I really do not know why, I just find them so crazy sexy. I thought about it several times already but still, no luck figuring out why this passion for chicks from Mediterranean countries.

Let’s end by giving you dating tips and rather enjoy Christina’s sexy ass and raunchy pictures. Have you met our hottie of the week yet? Let images do the talking.

Nowadays, Christina has way more than half a million followers on her Instagram, at the time of writing this, and her fame keeps on growing.

The unstoppable Christina travels the world and lives the dream life. While she absolutely hates negativity and web bullying, now, when famous, the best part of being a model easily outbids the negative.

Speaking of which, Christina meeting all the fans who helped her get to where she is right now. Without a loyal fan base, no one would probably know about Christina except her closed ones. Hurray for fans!


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