Another day has flown by abnormally fast. While I like things going slow, I surely cannot wait to wake up each morning and scour the web to pick a tempting girl for our hottie of the day feature.

It might be snowing over here, however, with Lucrezia De Lellis. It is always sunny, no matter where in the world you are located and no matter what time of the day it is.

It was just early 2020 when Lucrezia was at around 100,000 Instagram followers. It is January 2021 now, and she is well over 180k. It must be all due to the fact that Lucrezia sports a ridiculous frame which she built to perfection.

What she is doing when not modeling I do not know, but whatever she does, Lucrezia does it well and efficiently. Or it is all because of the traveling, eating delicious foods, kissing her boyfriend, playing with dogs, swimming and the like. Oh yeah, Keilah also does a ton of modeling for bikini brands.

Busty model, Lucrezia, hails from Italy but it seems she does not spend much time in her home country. Rather enjoying life to the fullest.

She is of exotic looks and her body is well tanned and her ass well rounded. What can I say, a smoking hot woman who you will enjoy examining in-depth with each published photo to her huge Insta profile.

Notice: Lucrezia might not be published every day but when she does, she hits you with a mind melter. Help her reach that 1 million milestone!


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