If a bright smile, beautiful face, and perfect curves are your things, please meet Maria Eduarda.

This is our Hooties of the Maria, and I bet you already know why.

Well, have you gotten a chance to investigate this lady in great detail yet? I sure did! And she is nothing short of spectacular.

You will be amazed and impressed by the great vibes that Maria brings to the table. In fact, to your screens. That said, you better hit the follow button on Instagram and enjoy this cute creature on a regular basis.

I tell you one thing: You will definitely not regret it.

While I could not really find much information on the internet about Maria, I do know that her birthday is on April 22, 1994.

Not just that, she attended California State University Fullerton, and already modeled for several swimsuit and bikini brands.

With that body, everyone wants Maria! Do you? No need to answer, as we all know the answer.

She is doing a lot of work with different brands as an influencer. What Maria is also super good at is wearing a bikini.

On top of that, she is quite frequently joined by other jaw-dropping women that will knock your socks off.

Last but not least, let me tell you another thing why I really like Maria. Whether she wears makeup or not, whether she is half-naked or fully dressed (rarely), she looks just gorgeous.


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