For some Natalia Franczyk might be a nobody while for others she is a dream girl. Being familiar or unfamiliar with her, we are happy to announce this bikini model as our hottie of the day.

She is a stunning woman of several talents of which modeling is her primary one.

It all happened back in 2011 when Natalia won the Calendar Model Hunt. This experience thought her a bunch of things. One of them is that modeling can be hard work.

From earning the crown her fame skyrocketed and she began working with many major fashion brands. Winning the reality show and shooting for the calendar really helped her a lot in pursuing modeling as her professional career.

Bear in mind, Natalia wanted to be a performer since forever. Even if acting and modeling would not work out for her, she would be a dancer or whatever.

A model and actress, Natalia, was born on 05 March 1990. Moreover, her parents are coffee exporters and Angela studied at an American international school in Kodaikanal.

Speaking of coffee, Natalia likes sugared cappuccino. However, she is also open to the good old espresso.

She is an all-around lady who, unfortunately, isn’t really good a cooking. An almost wifey material.

Go ahead and follow this beauty on Instagram to learn even more about her.


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