Ladies and gents, we are celebrating today with none other than Charlie Riina.

I do not remember anymore how I came across Charlie but I know one thing, I instantly fell in love.

I immediately knew that I need to feature her in our Hottie of the day feature. And the timing could not be better.

Today are kicking the new day off with a sexy exotic brunette model, Charlie.

After spending some time browsing the web to find more information about Amber, I was left with pretty much nothing. That said, I decided to stick to her growing Instagram and find as much as I can about her.

First things first, Charlie hails from Denver and she is plant-based aka vegan. Nope, she is not protein deficient.

By the way, you probably already noticed that Charlie has an outstanding body and an overall fantastic frame. It is all because Charlie is a regular gym visitor.

She trains quite a lot to keep that body firm and that butt big and tight.

Now go and indulge yourself in all these hot and tempting Charlie pictures.


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