If delicious girls are what your life consists of, you will surely enjoy our hottie of the day, Yineth Medina. Oh man, the body that Yineth sports are out of this world.

To be entirely frank with you, it is the body that decorates Yineth’s hot frame that will take your breath away.

No worries, take your time, slow down, and indulge yourself in the amazingness that young, Colombia based Yineth brings to the table.

It is more than obvious that Yineth mastered the art of fine-tuning curves.

Needless to say, she even has her own fitness plan exclusive to peachy booties.

Moreover, Yineth is way more than just a smoking hot babe. Call her a multi-talented lady if you will.

That said, along with having her body under full control, Yineth is also a certified trainer, runs a successful YouTube channel, and owns a designer swimwear brand. Indeed, Yineth is no joke!


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