Darya Klishina was born on 15 January, in the year, 1991 and Darya Klishina is a very famous long jumper.

Darya Klishina had earned a jump of 23 ft in the year, 2010, and this had been a junior record, and the 2nd best junior mark ever.

The jump had been the second-best jump in the world during that year, behind Darya Klishina’s teammate, Olga Kucherenko who had a mark of 23.4 ft this year.

Darya Klishina had competed as an authorized athlete during the 2017 World Championships in Athletics which had been held in London.

Darya Klishina had earned a silver medal with her season-best jump of 23 ft, and Darya Klishina had finished by inch behind Brittney Reese.

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