She is young, yet she is a very talented girl who knows how to multitask, Melinda London gets this day going.

From TV hosts, fitness models and randoms girls, all the way to nude models and reality stars, all these women have the potential to become our girl of the day.

One day, they will all be our hotties of the day. I probably won’t be around when this happens, however, I believe another pervy blogger will be in my place, writing about sexy and naughty topics.

Born and raised in San Jose, California on March 14, 1991, Melinda is a young girl who is “crossing borders and breaking down barriers.”

Not only does she know a thing or two about how to make a social media account massive, but she also does modeling and TV hosting.

Must be due to those Saturday nights when she stays in and reads why she can do so many things successfully. You see, it is not always about the party. Follow the wise.

Melinda’s modeling career might not be planned out (who am I to know?), however, her natural beauty already brought her far.

For instance, to date, she worked with some of the bigger magazines, like Esquire, FHM, Import Tuner and Maxim.

Aside from encouraging individuality, Melinda also wants to inspire people with her “passion for cultural diversity to transcend stereotypes in popular culture.”

I tell you one thing, go follow this cute human being on Instagram, and your lives will instantly become filled with joy.

But first, let’s together enjoy all these sexy photos of our lovely gal, Melinda.


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