We have a new brain teaser today, and this is one that made many people frustrated.

In this round of “what do you see in this photo?” you need to point out the number of holes in this t-shirt. Will you manage to give the correct answer?

How Many Holes Are in This T-Shirt?
This shirt looks quite normal and simple, but it has got the internet up in arms. The question, how many holes are in the shirt?

There are four possible answers:

a) 2
b) 4
c) 6
d) 8
But which answer is the correct one? Take a look below and give your best!
What is your opinion
The Answer
Well, it’s time to reveal the correct answer. Unfortunately, if you guessed that the shirt has two holes in it, it is not the right answer. Also, it is the same situation if your guess was four and six.

Yes, the correct answer is D! This shirt has eight holes!

Now, if you think about it, you might be kicking yourself for forgetting that the neck, arms, and bottom openings in the shirt are technically holes. But what about the seventh and eighth hole?

Like so many people before you, you probably overlooked the detail that if the holes torn in the middle of the shirt go all the way through, then there are technically four holes ripped through the torso – two on the front side and the other two on the backside.

You smacked yourself in the forehead because you didn’t think of that, didn’t you?


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