What is the best part today, look at Paula Marciniak.

Paula is maybe looking even better than she did back in the past. I mean, if you are into MILFs and they excite you, Paula is definitely the woman to who you will be attracted.

However, I bet we all drool over her. No biggie, she is hot as f**k and that is a fact. Paula is working out quite a lot so no wonder why she keeps staying in such incredible shape.

It was just recently when I saw a photo of Paula checking out the beach, facing away from the camera so everyone gets to see her body.

Oh, how happy it made me. It actually filled me with so much joy I could not resist but feature you as our Hottie of the day. You deserve it, Paula, you sure do.

In our true fashion, let’s speak a little more about Paula. She was born on December 19, 1982, in Brooklyn and is the daughter of a fashion designer and film-music editor.

Needless to say, Paula is a part Italian and that is where the sexy good looks come from.

Let me challenge myself now and bring you some sexy photos of Paula that she published on her Instagram profile. You will thank me later.


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