So, I am following one savage girl, Petra Löscher, on Instagram for quite a while now.

Me, being into physical activities of all sorts, of course, I enjoy watching others, especially ladies, and their progression.

I just saw some sexy shots on Petra’s Instagram profile what got me thinking, why I haven’t yet featured her on the blog yet.

Ain’t she just the perfect fit for our Hottie of the day feature? A big smile decorating her face, slim and tight body, rack for miles, and full of life – Oh Boy!

Maybe girls of more athletic physiques aren’t your thing, but I know many are already drolling over Petra.

But who exactly is Petra? She was born on May 4, 1986, in Austria. While Petra is passionate about working out, she is also enthusiastic about helping others.

Nikki likes music, traveling, dogs, and enjoying her life to the fullest.


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