Boy oh boy how much I love days like these and the fact that I am writing about such beautiful girls like Shannon Bubb is.

Thanks to the RideBroderhood’s Hottie of the day feature, I might just be a touch luckier than you.

Learning more about a specific girl and writing a short bio along with collecting the sexiest pictures from her social media profiles – do I hear a yay?

Today, I am in shock. If you know anything about me, you know that I have a thing for young girls. And if one is blonde, has nice curves I go mental. Thanks, Shannon, for making me go crazy with your smoking hot body.

While Shannon has a whopping 100k followers on her Instagram, she somehow still tries to be very private. How is it even possible?

At least when it comes to her personal life. On the other hand, you will get very well familiar with her buxom body.

Still, there aren’t that many photos on Shannon’s Insta profile. However, what I found out, she deletes some, publishes and republishes others, and so forth.

That said, if you find a particular Shannon image exceptionally amazing, you better take a screenshot. Who knows, maybe she takes it down later on.

I must say that this was probably one of the hardest best pics picking processes of my life. Chances are, some of the pictures might get deleted in the future, and that will make me just a tiny bit mad.

I selected carefully so, hopefully, you get to enjoy busty Shannon’s image list forever and ever.


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