I might be new to Sitora Banu, but boy did I just become an instant fan.

And yes, it is all due to those ridiculously amazing tan lines Sitora sports. I do not know at which part of the world you are located, here where I am, it is freaking cold as f**k.

However, if it is cold and rainy and just f**ked up all the time where you are, let Sitora spice things up for you and make you feel warm.

Sitora Banu real name is Sitorabanu Israilova. She was born on August 26, 1991 in Russia.

After stumbling across these topless photos of Sitora, I went rushing to get everything ready for this article.

You need her in life, like this very moment. A perfect buxom, a delicious smile and an overall slender body will have you hooked immediately.

To do you a favor, we also looked deeper into Sitora’s Instagram profile and picked a few extra pictures. Each and every time you visit us, we will have something fresh for you to benefit from.

I believe we came to the point when reading becomes useless. Images as hot as these tell you more than a million words.

Just use your imagination and let all the rest follow.


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