The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is sort of a pilgrimage for a lot of bikers for around the country.

While a lot of folks say that the rally no longer has the charm as it did back in the day, it doesn’t stop riders from flocking the small South Dakotan town every year.

As many as 700,000 bikers show up to the week-long rally held in August, every year. However, before you head out, do keep a note of these 6 things..

1. Deer and Cops

A lot of the roads leading to the town are surrounded by woods.

And these are infamous for random deer just jumping in front of bikes.

The cops in the town are no less, always looking to make their bonuses during the week!

2. Have the moolah

Sturgis isn’t a cheap affair. Literally anything and everything you’d want to do in the rally, the town, or nearby, is going to cost money. And it isn’t going to be cheap.

3. The Ride

Sturgis is a place with 700,000 bikers. Don’t expect all of them to show up in Harleys.

You’d see more brands and more models here, than you would anywhere else. So, be ready to embrace that.

4. Stick with a thing

Sturgis isn’t really the place where you can pop in at a thing, and be on your way out in minutes. Time (and money) is limited.

So chose wisely, and remember that you can’t do everything that’s out there!

5. Camp!

Like I said earlier, everything costs money. A lot of it.

Staying at even a Holiday Inn run-of-the-mill kind of a hotel would run you up to over $3,000 over the week.

It’s better to setup a camp site at Broken Spoke or the many other campsites near the town!

6. Go to Sturgis.

Notice how I put the full stop after “Sturgis”. That’s coming back to the point where the rally isn’t like what it once used to be.

The rally became popular in the first place for what lies around the town of Sturgis. Roads through the Black Hills National Forest offer some of the most magnificent views. And of course, Mount Rushmore.

These are the things you really want to see. And with the 700,000 people in a town of 100,000, the Sturgis Rally week isn’t the time to go!


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