I don’t know about you, but I am still in shock after seeing Stefanie Knight earlier today. Instantly I knew she deserves our hottie of the day crown.

I was scrolling up and down her Instagram feed for a good little while before I managed to get myself together and put everything in order for your pure enjoyment.

You will immediately know why all this hype and me being absolutely blown away by Stefanie. This girl is like she would from another planet.

I mean, just look at her. Is she even real? We could easily say she is a real-life Barbie doll with brunette hair. Stefanie tends to not be the biggest fan of the bra. At least not when she wears a dress or a simple T-shirt. Indeed, Stefanie likes the basics, too.

But seriously, where in the world did Stefanie come from? What I know for sure is that Stefanie Knight was born on 21 Dec 1994 in England, United States, plus, she is born November 22, 1993. Moreover, she is an exceptionally skinny chick which almost feels like she would break.

I am sure you will be hooked just as I was. I am 100% new to Stefanie and I am happy I stumbled across her. Thanks, Instagram! A blogger and a model who will never let you down.

What you will see Stefanie post regularly is a variety of pictures. From selfies (she sure does love a good selfie), bikini shots, hot promotional content, and random eating a burger seduction.

Not sure which is my favorite part of Stefanie’s body but I guess I would need to go with her eyes.


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